Working Papers

“The impact of the COVID-19 school closure on adolescents’ use of mental healthcare services in Sweden” with Evelina Björkegren and Jonas Vlachos, MEDRXIV/2021/267684

“Sober mom, healthy baby? Effects of brief alcohol interventions in Swedish maternity care” with Erik Grönqvist, Anna Norén and Anna Sjögren, IFAU WP 2016:16

“Birth Order and Child Health” with Evelina Lundberg, Uppsala University WP 2017:3 and IFAU WP 2017:16

“Childcare – A safety net for children?” with Aino-Maija Aalto, Eva Mörk and Anna Sjögren, Uppsala University, Department of Economics WP 2018:11

Work in Progress

“Sick of School? The consequences of a Grade Reform in Sweden” with Anna Sjögren

“Auditing Mothers: The effect of targeted alcohol prevention on birth weight” with Erik Grönqvist, Anna Norén and Anna Sjögren